The Team

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David Matlock

David graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2012 with a degree in Music Composition and promptly began not using it in favor of taking a day job to support his game design habit. Though he insists that he can quit at any time, he can usually be found sequestered in a room by himself working on board game prototypes. When he's not doing that, David enjoys writing songs and populating the lowest competitive brackets in the latest online games.  

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Alex Larson

Weather Gage has been a part of Alex's life years before its inception. The years of designing have given him experience in many areas both tabeltop and digital, from prototyping to 3D modeling to visual programming. He can usually be found surrounded by no fewer than 3 whiteboards filled with notes.

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Michael Matlock

When not designing games, Michael works as a musician in the greater Seattle area. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Music Composition, and now works as a composer, arranger, performer, music director, and teacher. Ever since hearing the opening jingle to Super Mario World, he's loved video game music and wanted to write for games - and maybe design a few along the way.

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