2/4: We're Going to ToyFair!

Hello everyone,

So, it turns out you really like our lite version of Congress: The Board Game…

Here’s how it happened: We found that at conventions we had a hard time getting through our game quickly with multiple people because the level of complexity is pretty high. It’s not difficult to understand but it is difficult to learn fast, and at conventions this can really cut into the rate at which we bring in new players. So we thought a light version of the game that kept the core gameplay would be perfect to introduce for those occasions. And as we’ve tried this version with people who have already played the original game, the response has been positive. Almost too positive. It’s a smaller sample size so far but we’re starting to take the hint.

However, for the moment we’re focused on presenting this lite version alongside the original at the next convention: ToyFair. David and Alex will be going to New York to present the game to potential publishers and distributors. (Mike will be stuck at home working, the bum.) We aren’t sure exactly what ToyFair has in store for us - we’ve never done a trade show like this - but we’re excited to see what can happen!

As always, thanks for following along!

The Weather Gage Team