7/16: The Real Kickstarter Push


Let's talk about Kickstarter.

HR 19 - Board Game Manufacturing.png

We've been planning for a while our Kickstarter campaign. And we've deliberately kept a few things vague since we didn't know them ourselves. But now we feel ready to start putting that on blast. Today, enjoy a quick summary of the crowdfunding plan, and prepare yourselves to hear even more in the coming months.

Our plan is to launch our Kickstarter campaign in early September. Please keep a lookout for that, or just follow us as we start posting more frequently. We've actually had the campaign set up for at least a month, though we are editing and adding information as we get it. At some point we will send a preview out so that you can look at it yourself before it goes live, but that won't be for quite a bit so please return from the edges of your seats.

The biggest pieces missing are the promo videos, simply because they are a beast to edit! We have hours of game footage that are being cut down and edited, but rest assured the instant those are ready you'll be seeing them.

Do keep an eye out for the Kickstarter, as you may be able to get a copy of the game at a reduced price (if love of the game is not enough!).

That's all for the moment. Thanks,

The Weather Gage Team