6/10: Our Crowdfunding Goal

Hello everyone,

We're here now to tell you a little about our crowdfunding plans. The plan isn't fully finished, but we are making tangible steps and are ready to start bringing you along for the ride.

Kickstarter has certainly been mentioned on this devlog before, but until now we haven't officially declared what service we'd use. Given that nearly everyone uses it, you probably already guessed we'd settle on Kickstarter. We've created the campaign page (not live, of course), and are in the process of adding the materials and information we need. Our plan is to go live sometime around the end of summer - the final date is not set, but there's certainly no way we're going any earlier than that. So we have a couple months to build this campaign. Yes, we're starting right now.

As for promotional materials, we have two options currently in the pipeline. The first is promotional and instructional video, which we'll be creating by the end of this month. And once we feel our revised rules and mechanics are solidifed, we'll have review copies ready to go. We're excited to see what comes of both of those, and as soon as we have product in good shape we'll be showing those to you.

Thanks for following along! We'll be promoting our Kickstarter campaign more and more in the coming weeks, and we hope you take the time to ensure you are notified once that goes live. You can follow our Facebook or Twitter pages, or simply sign up for our e-mail list here. (We send only a couple e-mails per year, so don't worry about spam.)

The Weather Gage Team