2/26: ECCC Special

Hello everyone,

This week is Emerald City Comic Con! We're excited to be going for the first time ever, and have secured some demo space with the ECCC Indie Game Showcase. Now that we have more details, here's what will go down:

Our show space will be on the 2nd floor of the Convention Center in the north hallway [update: this has been changed - see below]. We'll only have a table for a short amount of time each day. On Thursday we'll be there from 5-8 PM, and then on both Friday and Saturday we'll be there from 8-11 PM. We'd love to see you there! Even if you've already seen our game, just come on over and say hi!

Also, we officially have a page up at Board Game Geek now. This is very new and so it's a bit sparse. We imagine that, as future information becomes available, we can continue to fill out the page. However, we admit we're new to using BGG (up until recently we were only users and never updated any pages), and it appears to be the kind of site where other users can make changes as well. To that end, thanks to the anonymous person who gave our game a 10/10!

Finally, a little update on our crowdfunding plans. We've mentioned briefly in previous posts, and we wish to re-iterate here that plans are still in flux so we have no hard dates for you yet. But we are moving forward towards running a Kickstarter campaign. Our earliest estimate for having something like that ready would be late March, though realistically it's likely to be delayed a bit. Our big sticking point is getting review copies ready so that, on launch day, we can have a game that looks as close as possible to the final product. The timing of that will determine how quickly we can get a campaign going. But don't worry! We'll definitely post updates when that becomes a thing.

That's all for now. Thanks for following along!

The Weather Gage Team

[UPDATE: The Indie Games Showcase has been moved to room 204 of the Convention Center. It is still on the 2nd floor but it's a much better area, in our opinion. We're glad the space opened up for us!]