2/12: BGG and ECCC

Hello everyone,

A lot of things happening for us at the moment. We just wanted to drop in and make two quick announcements of things to come:

First, we've finally made a page on Board Game Geek for Congress: The Board Game. We'd held out for so long because our game wasn't finished and we thought, at the time, it would have been premature to start making official entries. But now we feel we're ready to make it official. That, and we've had some people asking if Congress was on BGG yet. So for those people, the answer is now "yes."

Second, we will be appearing at Emerald City Comic Con! We have a few timeslots with the Indie Games Showcase to present our game to you.

That's all for those two announcements. Both of these things are still in process so we'll be announcing more as we know it ourselves. In the meantime, here's two more places you can see us!


The Weather Gage Team