11/6: We're Back!

It’s been a very long wait…

its been 84 years.gif

So, we had to cancel the Kickstarter campaign. We’re very grateful for all of our backers and think that there is definitely an audience out there for our political game, but we also learned that we needed to do far more outreach than we had done. In other words, we’re down but not out! Congress: The Board Game will be back at some point.

As for the wait, the only reason we hadn’t updated this devlog was due to personal reasons. Nothing bad, don’t worry! All three of us just had big things to take care of all at the same time, and in the wake of cancelling our campaign we decided to keep plans merely on paper while we took care of our own lives. Now that the personal issues are taken care of, we’re ready to begin semi-regular updates again.

For the rest of 2018 we will be looking at getting the word out on our game in other avenues that we hadn’t explored yet. We still have the resources we used in our Kickstarter campaign, which will be useful, and so we can just add to those. While we haven’t formally decided on our exact course of action in 2019, we have a few plans. Another Kickstarter is not off the table, but we cannot commit to that until we’re certain.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and backed us so far. You’re the best!

The Weather Gage Team