1/22: Congress Plans

Hello everyone,

Now that the new year is fully underway, we're looking at our options with Congress: The Board Game. So we want to dedicate today's post exclusively to the idea of crowdfunding. We are not yet 100% sure of all the details, but here is what we do know:

We plan to create a Kickstarter for Congress: The Board Game

This is not happening right away, though. Our tentative plan is to launch said Kickstarter in late March at the earliest. There are still a bunch of things to do until then. The Kickstarter will also solely be to raise the necessary funds for a single print run of the game. We've worked out a great deal of the financial requirement, though the numbers will become more specific over time. We are willing to eat some of the costs ourselves, such as minor fulfillment costs, so that we can set the pledge goal at a reasonable amount for out small, relatively unknown team, to produce.

While the timing may change, we're hoping we can stick to it so that, if all goes well, fulfillment can happen somewhere near the midterm elections. That's not a promise in the slightest, but we think it would be quite something to put this on a shelf right when the real-life political campaigns are getting hot.

Thanks for following along. Stay tuned for more!

The Weather Gage Team