1/2: Welcome to 2018

Hello and welcome back!

We took a much needed break over the holiday weekends. Though we didn't stop working entirely and had to keep our day jobs going, we gave ourselves some rest and so we haven't been keeping on top of updates. But we're back!

The biggest news is that we will be at OrcaCon 2018 in Bellevue! We guess OrcaCon moves quicker than the usual conventions we know, so we're sorry we could not tell you about it until now - we just were not 100% sure of the day and time until the middle of last month. OrcaCon is also associated with Geeks of Cascadia, a podcast about nerds loving board games that we think you should follow. Anyway, we will be attending OrcaCon for the full three days, but we will only be showing Congress: The Board Game as a demo on Saturday and Sunday, both fom 10am to 1pm. We would love to see you there!

Here's to 2018 being a great year. Thanks for following along!

The Weather Gage Team