1/14: Thanks, Orcacon!


We just got back from OrcaCon 2018, where we got to show Congress: The Board Game! It was a bit different from other conventions in that OrcaCon doesn't really provide permanent booth space for companies, but instead rotating demo tables. That meant we had set times where we set up our game to show, and a few hours later a new company would come in and show their game for a few hours, and so on. It's an interesting solution to a lack of demo space which allowed for far more games to be displayed than if everyone had to purchase a single spot for the weekend. It also meant we had to demo pretty quickly!

There's not much else at the moment, since we still need to process everything we saw over the weekend. Suffice to say we've received a lot more information to tweak our game and get those mechanics airtight (as well as fix up our rulebook). But we think the most valuable part of OrcaCon was making the connections with other developers and players. This weekend had a great, friendly atmosphere and we will definitely make every effort to come back!

Oh, and we'll send out a quick e-mail to our followers soon regarding the future plans for our game. Just as soon as we figure out what to write.

Thanks for following along!

The Weather Gage Team