The last few weeks have been rather slow for us. All three of us are currently working overtime at our other jobs, so progress comes in short bursts. Congress: The Board Game has fixed senator cards (and more), which we will be showing at Dragonflight in a few weeks. We believe at this point that all major balance issues are taken care of. Though we intend to make whatever tweaks we need to in the coming months, we are aware that at some point we have to stop and finish the game. We don't recall who first said the quote, but we do appreciate it: "Games are never completed - they're just done."

However, much of our other work remains under wraps. Don't worry, it's nothing potentially explosive - we just don't want to say anything that's unconfirmed. We're also in the process of nailing down our price for manufacturing the game, or more specifically, we're in the process of trying to find out how to get this made within a reasonable budget. Among other parts, Congress: The Board Game has approximately 200 cards, which easily make up more than 50% of the manufacturing costs.

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time.

The Weather Gage Team