Long Time, No Post


We're entering a season where we won't have large, glamorous updates for Congress: The Board Game on a regular basis. However, we at Weather Gage Workshop believe very strongly both in transparency and in consistent reports of what we're doing - even if that means we come to tell you that we're doing something that we can't tell you about yet.

Crowdfunding is increasingly becoming the only feasible way to mass-produce our game, so we're definitely looking into getting accurate numbers and how best to run such a campaign long, long, long before we would do it. We're in the process of talking with manufacturers and others to determine realistically how much we can produce and at what cost. After all, it's foolish to go on Kickstarter and ask for money before we know how much to ask for!

But that's about as much as we can tell you at the moment. Keep an eye out for us at events and conventions around Seattle! Recently we've attended Playtest Northwest events (as testers, not designers), and we will be at Dragonflight in August as we have mentioned before. We'll also be present at PAX DEV. Hope to see you there!


The Weather Gage Team