Hi everyone, Weather Gage here. Let's talk about the near future:

What is ETX?

ETX stands for the Evergreen Tabletop Expo, a fairly recently established board game convention that's meeting in Seattle this year at the beginning of June. In addition, this convention boasts a special game night on June 2nd which is free to all, so even if you don't want a pass to the event you can still come out and see some new games!

Will Weather Gage Workshop be at ETX?

Yes. Yes indeed.

Note: Mike feels compelled to tell you that due to another conflict he will be out of town that weekend. This makes him sad. But David and Alex are more than capable of handling things on their own.

Will WGW be selling any games?

No, unfortunately. We will be demoing our latest iteration of Congress, with the finalized art. At the moment we have no means to produce a mass quantity of this game in 30 days.

But I really like/love/want/desire this game.

Thanks. We appreciate any and all support we have received thus far. You guys are great!

Is there anything I can purchase/do to support you?

Emotional support is a big plus. But while we'd love to take money, we will not have any items for sale. Instead, you can support us by following this website, our Facebook page, and/or our Twitter. Be on the lookout for any sort of mailing list or updates. Then bug your friends incessantly. Works for us.

What are your plans after ETX?

There's a lot that's still up in the air, but fortunately that list gets smaller as time goes on. We'll have a finalized version of the game with art, so the only thing that we'd need to get the game from our booth to you is the manufacturing. In order to do that, we either need to find some great deals on equipment in town or do the traditional crowdfunding route (gulp!) to generate funds. Our hope is that a showing at ETX will provide us with a push in one or the other direction.

When will the game be ready for sale?

It's still too early to put a date on that, but we will for sure not be pursuing sales from now through ETX, so don't worry about that.

Will you be showing at any other conventions? PAX West?

We will try to go to as many as possible, given our schedules and money situations. PAX is on our radar but we will not confirm anything here unless we know for sure.

That's all for now! Thanks for sticking around. If you're in Seattle, come by and say hi in June!

The Weather Gage Team