Doing Things the Hard Way

Hello everyone!

We're excited about Congress: The Board Game so far, but we're trying to work out how to get that game from our heads to you. Our prototype seems popular so we will be keeping things as close to that as possible. A couple things, though:

Some of the parts for Congress we are committed to making ourselves, at least for the time being. The first bag of materials just arrived!

Okay it's just some wood blocks, but we're excited! Well, excited and scared. (It's a quote - look it up.)

Also, here's our obligatory reminder that we have a Facebook group devoted to organizing playtests. It's still getting started so we'd love you to join. If you're in the Seattle area join the group and look for the latest announcements.

Apologies if you wanted more - we're still playing Breath of the Wild.

Thanks everyone! Until next time,

The Weather Gage Team