It's February, and GDC is Around the Corner

Hello happy campers!

Today we wanted to announce (re-announce? I think we said this earlier) that we will be at GDC 2017 starting the end of this month. We'll be bringing whatever versions of our board games are ready down along with us. Last year there was a special night for developers to show off prototypes and unfinished games so if that happens again we'll be sure to get ourselves a seat. If you're coming down, be sure to say hi!

And, of course we remind everyone of our Facebook group for organizing playtests here. We are going to shoot for this coming Saturday the 11th for our first informal event. If you're in the greater Seattle area and would like to try some new games join our group and look for our most recent events. It's okay if you can't come to all of them - we'll try to have a test every couple of weeks.


The Weather Gage Team