We Update Because We Care

Hello everyone!

One of our biggest updates this week has to do with something we had let go in recent memory - the rulebook. Congress: The Board Game hasn't seen a rules update since near the beginning of the design process. We've scrawled notes here and there and kept the new rules managed in our heads but never got around to, you know, putting them in a readable format. For the moment we've edited a text-only document that will suffice for our upcoming playtests until our art is finalized.

Speaking of playtests, our next one comes up this Saturday. You can check it out at our FB group here. No worries if you're not in the group right now (though there's no reason not to be if you're in the Seattle area!), you can still RSVP to the event. We'll be playing Congress, but if the game doesn't take the full time we'll improvise the rest of the night.

And right after that we're packing up and heading to San Fransisco for GDC! What a week. It's probably time to start mentally preparing.

As a bonus, here's Mike continuing to struggle at learning coding: