11/12: Lots of Rules Editing

Hello all,

It seems like we've gone through a million edits of Congress: The Board Game. But for every edit of the assets and every new prototype version, we have ten edits to our Rulebook. We're definitely spending our time making sure it is perfect. After all, if there's a typo there, it has the potential to make the game unplayable for newcomers, and we don't want that.

One of our main issues has been finding a way to tell the rules both correctly and succinctly. There are a lot of elements to the game, so it absolutely requires a lot in the rulebook. At the same time, we don't want to write a novel. We've already had issues when we give the rules to new players, rather than explaining them ourselves. So, we're going to spend our time getting this one right.

The rulebook is still being cut up and reconfigured, so we won't be showing that to you all just yet. But thanks for following along!

Bonus material!

A few weeks back we announced a page of extra materials. Well, we've finally made it available! It's sparse for the moment, but we will add to it periodically as we have new things to show. The purpose of our Extras page is to provide... well, extras. At the moment, Congress: The Board Game is our main project. But we want to make sure we are coming up with other ideas right now so that when we finally put our game out there, we have something ready to work on immediately. If we like our ideas, whether digital prototypes or print-and-plays, we will put them there. Maybe those ideas will turn into featured projects, maybe not. Either way, it's something we're giving to you. Enjoy!