10/15: And Waiting Some More

Hello all,

The name of the game is waiting. Our prototypes have been late in shipping. We'll have more news on Congress: The Board Game in the future.

However, we'd also like to take this time to announce a separate project! While our primary focus is on getting Congress out the door, we do have time to work on prototypes and ideas, especially when we are stuck in a waiting period like we are now.

To that end, we will soon be updating our site to include a "freebies" page of sorts. If we have any tabletop prototypes that we can feasibly make a print & play of, we'll be sure to include them there, though we plan on using this page primarily for digital products since they are easier to upload. We already have one such game which we'll be including soon, and we'll have details on it in the coming weeks. All you need to know is that this page will be all free stuff for you!

At the same time, we want to make it perfectly clear that this new page is not our primary focus. We're still developing Congress first and foremost. But if we have a side project to show you, we'd be happy to. We are fans of transparency, and it frustrates us to tell you nothing except our most public activities. Sometimes it's fun to see behind the scenes. It could be that some of these side projects serve as prototypes of a full game in the future, once we've finished this one.

If you're just here for Congress: The Board Game, we won't stop talking about that by any means. But this devlog might start discussing multiple projects in the future. Thanks for following along!

The Weather Gage Team