Happy Most of the New Year!

Well, it's 2017.

Here's hoping everyone had a good couple of holiday weekends. We had a few days to relax but we haven't completely dropped off the face of the earth. These past couple of weeks we've had some chances to work on our designs, specifically on our second game "Stock Market: 1929."

If you haven't read our previous posts on this game, let me sum it up (or you can read more here). You play as an average American trying to make it playing the stock market in the 1920s. Get as much money as possible, then get out before the crash of 1929. After we playtested the game ourselves to see if everything worked, we took it to Puyallup for a round with friends.

Suffice to say we learned a lot. For one, our in-house games were between 90 and 120 minutes. Our longest game in Puyallup was over 4 hours. We also found there weren't enough powerful, game-altering action cards in the deck. Most players just waited for stocks to get to favorable levels, then bought and sold predictably, choosing not to interact with anyone else. We don't like that - we want this game to get ugly. So Michael and Alex have been creating a new prototype with modified rules that will not only encourage players to interact, but invite them to make their friends' lives hell.

We'll be looking to have more playtest dates in the near future! Stick around to know when!


The Weather Gage Team