Our Stock Market game prototype!

Hello again,

This week we finally got all the pieces of our Stock Market game together to play through. Actually playing a physical copy taught us a lot. One of our concerns has to do with pieces: our prototype uses upwards of 180 tokens and play money in bills. It turned out to not be all that cumbersome, but from our looking around on the web it looks like nobody likes messing with those pieces, bill money especially. We've tinkered with the idea of using half-cards or chips, or even using some kind of tracker instead of physical money and shares, but no matter which way you slice it, this game will have a lot of parts.

But despite those concerns, we like our game. There are some things that need tweaking, of course, but the overall experience is positive. That is to say, it's negative. If there's any way to convince someone not to get involved in trading stocks, this game might be it. All players begin in debt, and it takes half the game just to break even. The rest is a precarious balance of messing with other players stocks while keeping the market stable enough so you don't lose everything. It's intense and none of us ever felt safe playing it.

We can't wait until we're able to get our games into peoples' hands, and we're still working on that end. We'll report more when we feel it's the right time, but for now we're pretty hush-hush.

Due to the nature of the business, we're all also holding up day jobs and working on games in our spare time. So the ebb and flow isn't as present as we would see in a standard 9-5 office job. Whenever there's down time right now, David is brushing up his art portfolio, Alex is researching manufacturing and production, and Michael is brushing up on his computer skills. If we have any off-topic things to announce we'd love to show you those, too.

Thanks for reading!

The Weather Gage Team