Post-Thanksgiving Update

One last quick update to cap off November.

First, we hope you all had a pleasant, drama-free Thanksgiving this year. There isn't much to report as we took some time off for the holiday, and all our favorite things we want to tell you about are still a little too early to call. But now the holiday season really ramps up. So while everyone is out aggressively caroling, shopping, and watching Christmas movies on repeat, we'll be moving forward with our games. There are some challenges we'll be facing along the way, though:

One of the most difficult, expensive, and time-consuming aspects of producing the board game is - surprisingly - acquiring the art. We're all of the mind that artists should be paid for their work, which means that good art is priced accordingly. In order to cut a few corners, we've been using David as our resident artist for Congress: The Board Game. But for the other two games we will be going the traditional route so that David can focus his attention on actually designing something.

We're also looking into better ways to prototype games. At first we would purchase supplies directly from stores or from The Game Crafter, then painstakingly put prototypes together with our bare hands. This is an acceptable method, but it's very time consuming and it's not very dynamic. If changes have to be made, it requires another trip to the store and seven hours with cards and pens. But it turns out there is an electronic way to prototype board games! It's called "Tabletop Simulator," a game available on Steam right now. Making your own game using basic templates is quick and easy. Good thing Michael spent a week hand-making materials in between gigs to make prototypes before we found out about this time-saver! (That was an example of sarcasm. Michael likes sarcastic humor.)

Speaking of working between gigs, we're all still in that phase of game-making where it's done in our spare time. This is what all indie developers have to do, so we're not special in that regard. It's a challenge to coordinate schedules, and the times when all three of us happen to be free and available are few. But challenges are meant to be overcome, so here we are. We may have extremely productive weeks followed by hibernation, so bear with us. We'll update you weekly regardless of progress.

Thanks for reading. We'll have some news for you all in December. Happy holidays!

The Weather Gage Team