WGW's Second Game Announcement

Hello again everyone,

This month has been exciting for us here at Weather Gage, and we want to tell you more about our games that we're designing. As we've said before, our goal is to be showing on the floor at PAX West 2017. Not only that, but we want to show 3 board games that are ready to sell. It's a lot to do, but the good news is that we've already designed two of those games. Today we want to talk about "Stock Market: 1929" (working title).

Unlike Congress, this second game is only in its early stages. We have tested a few versions of the game in-house and the concept is solid enough that we'd like to give you all a brief overview of how the game works.

In Stock Market: 1929 you play as an average American living through the market boom of the roaring 20s. Your objective is to collect as much money as you can and get out of the market before October 29, 1929 - Black Tuesday - arrives. Given the subject matter, the game is an appropriately cynical look at Wall Street, where you not only have to switch company loyalties on a dime, but sell your friends down the river too.

The game begins in the year 1920 and consists of several Market Cycles, each of which spans an indeterminate amount of years. Each cycle, players compete over shares in six available companies, each of which has its prices changed either by player interaction or the complete whims of chance. But every time a card is revealed, time marches on. Before you know it, it's 1921, then 22, 23, and so on. Don't get greedy, or you may be caught still in the game when 1929 comes! If you didn't get out soon enough, you lose everything.

And with that, we have two games in development. Stick with us in the coming weeks for more announcements and materials regarding both this new game and Congress. Thanks for reading!

The Weather Gage Team