Congress: The Re-Announcement!

Hello everyone,

Last week we mentioned our year-end goal: to have 3 board games finished, produced, and ready to sell at PAX West 2017. It's simultaneously a long road to walk and a very short time to walk it. The good news is, one of our games is already designed.

Our working title for this game is "Congress: The Board Game*." And today, we'll tell you a little bit about it.

In Congress, you play as a United States Senator hoping to make a bid for President. Your goal is to build your reputation, earning Nomination Points, by doing important political things like passing bills and getting laws enacted. At the same time, you must keep your constituents happy by passing bills they like, or come re-election time, you might be voted out!

Two words that describe the gameplay might be "strange bedfellows." There can be only one winner, but everyone is technically on the same team: America. You'll find out very quickly that taking the moral high ground will get you nowhere. Compromise, backstabbing, and back door deals are the only way to the top in Congress. We could make a joke about the real Congress now, but it would be so true that it would not actually be funny.

The game has been playtested before, but we're hoping to have a lot more tests in the near future to take care of some more recent mechanical changes, as well as visual changes to the board and cards. But everything else is pretty much done. For the art, our own David Matlock has volunteered as tribute to take it on single-handedly. Some pictures below:

We'll have more updates as things develop. Thanks!

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