Weather Gage Workshop Talks Politics

So, we're here to talk politics - a little, tiny, itty bit of politics. We are game makers, not politicians. Still, we believe that people of all walks of life can and should be vocal about politics. Our goal isn't to become a political blog or opinion page. Instead we wish to write occasional pieces about the general working of politics: things like "how and why you register to vote," "electoral vote vs. popular vote," or "primaries vs. generals." Even with neutral topics, we know that we'll be biased. Everyone is biased about everything, and that's normal! It's impossible to speak on a topic without bias. In fact, it's irresponsible to pretend to be unbiased about a topic. So we promise to be open about where we stand on issues while reporting as accurately and fairly as we can. With all that said, we're still a games company first. We're not pivoting to being "activists who make games," but "gamers who believe in activism."

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